"Complotist", this anathema, this word suitcase, this implausible and infamous catch-all, a real ideological taser, supposed to make you shudder in the cottages as soon as it is pronounced, has become, by its quasi-systematic use, perfectly grotesque! Because it is quite simple, it is brandished to the envy as soon as one dares to express the slightest reservation, even the most legitimate ones, on the policy conducted by the government and on its health measures, which are truly delirious and which it implements. This is a rhetorical artifice that is really worn out to the core, but very convenient to deny everything with a simple wave of the hand...

No one is spared any more: even political personalities, such as MP Martine Wonner, scientific luminaries such as Dr. Raoult or Dr. Péronne, or Nobel Prize winners in medicine such as Luc Montagné are dragged through the mud, called vulgar "plotters", charlatans, even senile old men, or even zany druids! However, before being dragged through the mud and discredited in this way, the latter were well invited on all the media platforms of the system, as long as their discourse went in the direction expected by the system... Since they have been labelled as such, they have become pestiferous, persona non grata. Since they have been labelled as such, they have become pestiferates, persona non grata... While entire platforms continue to be reserved, with the greatest complacency, for much less competent and titled doctors, who are in a clear conflict of interest with the drug industry. Thus, doctors like Karine Lacombe, who are in a major conflict of interest with the Gilead laboratory, serve as a point of reference for advising the government directly. Better still, the latter has even inherited her ludicrous Legion of Honour bling charm, or rather, in this inverted world, her Medal of Dishonour, for her good and loyal services to Big Pharma?

And then, with all this exceptional situation of the Covid-19, how can we not ask ourselves serious questions, see our deepest convictions and certainties questioned in the face of such a display of bad faith, of serious contradictions and inconsistencies, or even of criminal measures taken one after the other, without finding explanations that hold up... Let's not forget the implacable observation that Georges Orwell made about politics: "Political language is designed to make lies believable, murders respectable, and to give the appearance of solidity to what is nothing but wind. »

We have to admit that our governments are much more effective in fighting against the people than against this virus! This is an empirical observation, which is only confirmed week after week, month after month!

And besides, in the name of what should we automatically forbid ourselves to think of the hypothesis of a conspiracy and systematically reject this eventuality with the greatest indignation?

According to the mainstream media, we would be living in a world of Care Bears, where no event would ever be scheduled and no fact could have the slightest relation with others. Everything would start from a spontaneous generation, and would only be the fruit of pure chance, or of unfortunate coincidences, even if reason, common sense and logic indicate the opposite... Yet isn't intelligence precisely the ability to establish links between disparate elements, which at first glance would have none?

And then, isn't the history of the world literally enamelled with plots and betrayals of all kinds to obtain or retain power? In reality, history has always been about active, well-organised and structured minorities that act in power networks and are capable of manipulating the indistinct masses to achieve their goals and serve their designs. As fragile oligarchic power is very much a minority, it is often forced to go through this, to use manipulation and cunning to stay in place. The powerful of this world are born conspirators, because the drunkenness of power drives you crazy! And it is undeniable that the concentration of power has never been as great as it is today... Therefore, the diseases and pathologies inherent to power must be just as great... As well as the instruments of hypnosis and collective manipulation, such as television, the technological means of tracing, control and repression, therefore the means to assuage, affirm and maintain this power have never been so developed! Already Honoré de Balzac affirmed in his time that: "All power is a permanent conspiracy. »

Mechanically, one must be aware that it is always the least scrupulous and virtuous individuals, the passionate of power, who are propelled to the most influential positions, because good people are devoid of any ambition to dominate others, they only aspire to live in peace! This is how human nature has been made since the dawn of time and it is certainly not about to change...

Moreover, isn't all this intensive media hype, unceasing for some years now around so-called "conspiracy theories" and these crazy "conspiracy theorists", which resembles real conditioning, mass formatting and social engineering, in itself highly suspicious? This neologism just means to banish, ostracise and persecute. Those who find themselves affixed with this infamous term are the new heretics of the religion of official and governmental truth.

And besides, what is behind this obsession with all these themes? Is this new form of imposed intellectual terrorism not after all there to prevent people from thinking for themselves, by defining for them a politically correct framework, an authorised and well-defined mental prison in which they would have the right to think?

Is it not also a means of disarming the people and depriving them of any possibility of defence and retaliation in the event of a possible attack, of preventing them from denouncing the excesses of the power in place and its totalitarian ambitions? The stakes of "conspiracy" are so high that, in order to contain it, the authorities seem to be ready at all extremes to psychiatrise the phenomenon. It does not hesitate to speak of wanting to re-educate the recalcitrant to its obligatory catechism.

Clearly, imposed anti-complotism is a direct emanation of power itself, whose aim is to protect it and allow it to escape the understanding of those over whom this power is exercised! The "anti-complotist" is in reality simply spitting out, in the purest conformity and without the slightest risk, the catechism of the doxa, the official pre-mâché discourse decreed by the power in place. He has nothing to prove or justify, he is on conquered ground and can be content to rest on simple arguments of authority! This is the exact opposite of the so-called conspiratist, this maverick who, for his part, puts himself in danger by venturing onto extremely slippery ground... Thus, the latter has absolutely everything to lose: both his reputation, and his social position... This obliges him to look for solid proof and arguments to support his most delicate and uncomfortable thesis, to the utmost rigour. The "conspirator" has to know the official thesis very well in order to better be able to dismantle it and submit it to a thorough critical examination.

The "anti-complotist", by automatically refraining from certain theses and working hypotheses based on possible malevolence, finds himself handicapped in grasping human nature in all its complexity, which in its range of possibilities can go from the most absolute horror and darkness, to the most sublime and luminous goodness! He is convinced that he is in the camp of goodness and that he is working to safeguard it in order to ensure the defence and preservation of great and beautiful soothing values... As J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI, who certainly knew a ray of power by being behind the scenes, said, "The individual is handicapped in the face of a conspiracy so monstrous that he cannot believe it exists. The individual is handicapped in the face of a conspiracy so monstrous that he cannot believe it exists..." The position of the conspirator is therefore the least idealistic, but certainly the most realistic... "The plotter" has no taboo, he opens his field of possibilities to all eventualities, even the most atrocious. He doesn't hesitate to get wet to point out evil, to expose the powers that be behind the scenes, to denounce the actors who contribute to the destiny of this world... He is therefore subversive and dangerous for the system of power in place, because he does not just point out the vague responsibility of abstract concepts in the present chaos.

Moreover, by the contradictions and sometimes gaping flaws it raises in the official thesis, the so-called "conspiratists" bring the principle of the contradictory into play. A principle that is essential and inescapable to any debate that is articulated in tension between the thesis and the antithesis, in order to achieve the manifestation of truth, whatever it may be... For, by virtue of which would the official thesis automatically be the right one? Doesn't admitting it as directly true in reality amount to systematically imposing the reason of the strongest?

Paradoxically, we have arrived in a society where we should be more afraid of so-called "conspiracy theorists" than of possible conspiracy practitioners... Look for the error! Already in his time, Malcolm X warned us about this form of total overthrow: "If you are not vigilant, the media will manage to make you hate the oppressed and love those who oppress them. »

In fact, isn't this media obsession with the conspiracy, all things considered, an admission of weakness on the part of the system and a sign that more and more people no longer believe in it, that the empire of lies, the profound societal imposture in which we are entangled, is on the verge of collapse, like a frail house of cards still struggling to hold on to its base and ready to collapse at the slightest draught!

All these abominable "conspiracy seekers", who are vilified, booed, ridiculed and slashed from antennae to antennae by the anti-complotists, are they not, all things considered, the last sentinels of a dying democracy? Alert citizens, more curious and awake than the average, who have been subjected to intensive research and profound questioning, by daring to step outside their comfort zone, have clearly been able to perceive the tyrannical contours of the new world being built in the shadow of these facade democracies. 

Citizens who are trying as best they can to alert their fellow human beings, because they have understood that the situation is increasingly compromised, truly serious and not necessarily for the reasons put forward by the media? 

In short, that we were collectively similar to the frog, which we plunged and simmered over a low heat in a saucepan. At first, the frog was at ease, swimming happily, finding it very pleasant and enjoyable... Then, as the cooking temperature rises, it gradually loses all its vigour, its vital forces, so that in the end, it can no longer struggle at all to give an energetic saving kick to finally get out of this infernal trap. The strategy of gentle cooking is the secret of success for the successful cooking of the frog. The negative changes brought about by degradation in society thus escape the consciousness of most individuals and lead to no collective startle reaction, no revolt...

This is exactly the principle and credo of the globalist Fabian Society, whose initial logo was a wolf in sheepskin and which advocates a form of global collectivism. In their eyes, the planet was seen as a vast human termite mound, to be managed by an enlightened technocratic elite. The philosophy of this group is to move forward with wolf-soft steps, with finesse, small step after small step, in their planning with a very discreet mode of action, drop by drop, as indicated by the choice of the group's name, which refers to the Roman General, Fabius Cunctator (Fabius the Timer) who defeated Hannibal by using strategy and letting him believe that he was not resisting him...

In the words of Ariane Bilheran, a Normalist, doctor in psychopathology, on the subject of conspiracy: "He who denounces the plots that the powerful in power foment against the peoples is called, not a conspirator, but: a philosopher! This is what high political and moral philosophy, beginning with Plato, Aristotle and Cicero, has been doing since the dawn of time. »

And then finally, all things considered, it is an abuse of language to talk about "conspiracy theory". Because in fact, there is no more conspiracy when the programme is clearly defined and announced in advance in the communications of the mundialist organisations, or when everything is said, or even proudly claimed in the various statements of those concerned. Can one then still reasonably speak of a conspiracy when everything is so openly displayed? This is what the science-fiction writer, close to mundialist circles H. G. Wells called in one of his essays "An Open Conspiracy".

But, why should everything be revealed and revealed in all transparency, if not so that man can make use of his free will and ultimately consent to his own destruction and accompany it?

What a sad world it is when those who dare to denounce the malfunctions and endemic corruption of this system are censured and accused of being "Fake News" broadcasters, or of being a handful of irresponsible egoists who endanger the health of their fellow citizens by supposedly independent bodies, but financed by the very people who seek to impose all these horrors on us.

For many individuals, the so-called "Conspiracy Theory" is a convenient device, a saving way out, a mental and psychological protection mechanism behind which they can hide to avoid facing the harsh reality of certain facts that are outside their paradigm of thought... But, can we really hold it against them? For, how can we end up admitting the possibility that we may have been fooled for so many years about so many things we thought we had taken for granted? How can we accept that these things in which we have believed and placed all our trust may ultimately prove to be totally false, vain and illusory? It's simply unbearable, it's as if the ground is slipping away from under your feet! It therefore requires great inner strength to get out of this state of cognitive dissonance.

To conclude all this analysis, I will quote the words of the French philosopher Henri Bergson: "Fortunately, some people are born with a spiritual immune system which, sooner or later, rejects the illusory vision of this world that has been grafted onto them from birth to social conditioning. They begin to feel that something is wrong and then the search for answers appears. Inner knowledge and abnormal external experiences show them a side of reality that others ignore and thus begin their journey towards awakening. Each step of the journey is made by following the heart instead of following the crowd and choosing knowledge and not the veils of ignorance. »


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