"Imagine a vaccine so safe that you have to be threatened to take it against a disease so deadly that you have to be tested to find out if you have it!" Denis Rancourt

Why would vaccination have become the unassailable horizon of this epidemic, the Alpha and Omega of the way out of this crisis, when contrary to what the government claims, many other treatments seem to have proved their worth throughout the world? such as hydroxychloroquine and azitromicine (with no less than 100 international publications demonstrating its effectiveness), ivermectin combined with doxycycline, zinc, vitamin C and D, fluvoxamine, bromhexine, or natural plants such as Artemisia. Obviously, these solutions, which are easy to implement, are ignored, deliberately discarded, as they are probably not likely to generate substantial financial profits... Therefore, why never talk about effective ways to strengthen our immunity and consolidate our health in a preventive way, at a time when this is precisely the most essential and decisive? Has the immune system also become a conspiracy theory?

To return to the subject of chloroquine: why did the Minister of Health, Agnès Buzyn, just before the start of the crisis, have it classified as a poisonous substance, now only available by prescription, whereas before it was directly available over the counter? Admittedly, this is an extremely curious timing!

Subsidiary question, what has become of the Inseem "Discovery" clinical trial under the supervision of Yazdan Yazdanpanah to evaluate the different antiviral treatments? In spite of the government's initial shocking announcements, we have no news.

Furthermore, why develop a vaccine for a virus of the Coronavirus family, which is characterized by being particularly unstable and highly mutagenic and whose strain often evolves? Moreover, if the disease is not immunizing in itself, how could the vaccine be immunizing?

Here we are witnessing the birth of a new and immense world market, with the regular imposition of a vaccine every four seasons and the permanent maintenance of a vaccination record?

Curiously, for this new vaccine, as if by magic, huge sums of money are being released to buy these millions of doses and the packaging infrastructures that go with them, whereas for years now we have invested absolutely nothing in the public hospital, because there would be, according to Macron, "no magic money"! On the contrary, for decades the latter has been meticulously and conscientiously sabotaged, from government to government... And now, with this health crisis and its unprecedented containment, people are pretending to care about people's health, putting it for the very first time before economic profit... To others!

Why seek to vaccinate everyone at all costs, without having the slightest hindsight on the health side effects for the months and years to come, all in defiance of the most elementary precautionary principle? 

Moreover, it would seem that with the vaccine developed by the firm Pfizer alone, according to the statistics of the American CDC, the proportion of serious side effects among the first people vaccinated is already around 2.8 percent, which is quite simply considerable, especially for a disease that only affects 0.5 percent of the population! And let's not even talk about the potential problems that are bound to arise later on! Clearly, as far as the Pfizer vaccine is concerned, some of those vaccinated would trigger Bell's facial paralysis, with one side of the face totally stiff and no longer responding muscularly at all. One can thus find on the web, for example, the moving testimony of Khaliah Mitchell, a certified American nurse from Nashville, victim of this pathology three days after her vaccination and who warns against this vaccine by saying that she would not wish such an ordeal on her worst enemy... It should be noted that already during clinical trials conducted by Pfizer, four volunteers had developed this same form of paralysis.

But that's not all, to make matters worse, the laboratories do not even guarantee that the vaccine completely immunises against the disease, or even that the vaccinated person is no longer contagious, that he or she is no longer the carrier or transmitter of the disease. Moreover, in their nebulous communication, they do not comment on the lasting effectiveness of this hypothetical protection...

In case of doubt, the fundamental principle of medicine "Primum non nocere", above all do no harm, should therefore prevail, all the more so as this is a completely new type of vaccine, or rather, to put it mildly, totally innovative Messenger RNA gene therapy products .

So we're going to inject nucleic acids that will cause our own cells to produce elements of the virus. We know absolutely nothing about the consequences of this injection, because it is a first in humans. What if the cells of some "vaccinated" people produce too many viral elements, causing uncontrollable reactions in our bodies? The first gene therapies will be with RNA, but there are projects with DNA. Normally, in our cells, the message goes from DNA to RNA, but the reverse is possible under certain circumstances, especially since our human cells have contained so-called "endogenous" retroviruses integrated into the DNA of our chromosomes since the dawn of time. These "domesticated" retroviruses that inhabit us are usually harmless (unlike HIV, the AIDS retrovirus for example), but they can produce an enzyme, reverse transcriptase, capable of transcribing backwards from RNA to DNA. So RNA that is foreign to our bodies and administered by injection could code for DNA, which is just as foreign, and can then be integrated into our chromosomes. There is therefore a real risk that our genes could be permanently transformed. There is also the possibility, by modifying the nucleic acids of our ova or sperm, of transmitting these genetic modifications to our children...

Is this not a characterised crime against humanity that is about to be perpetrated? And since the government is perfectly aware of this state of affairs and, despite everything, is seeking to impose it on us at all costs, there is every reason to be as wary as the plague, because I don't think that Big Pharma's greed is the only variable in this whole damn equation?

In the case of RNA vaccines, let there be no mistake: this is no more and no less than the most gigantic genetic manipulation of all time. Is not such a hazardous and uncontrollable enterprise more a matter of scientism than of real science, or even of the most total charlatanism? 

Are we to believe that after having been the victims of a large-scale experiment in social control, we are now on the verge of becoming guinea pigs in a senseless medical experiment?

By the way, we can point out that if for Didier Raoult's protocol, we demanded very advanced studies in double-blind for a molecule that can be expensive and already widely used throughout the world for more than 40 years, without any major contraindication, when it comes to this vaccine, we are forced to use it in a few months, whereas nevertheless, as all specialists agree to say, the implementation of such a vaccine would take a good ten years of development and controls... 

Didier Raoult is categorical about this vaccine "I said that the vaccine was science fiction for me, I'm not going to go into too complicated explanations but take the example of the flu vaccine, it took about fifteen years to stabilize it and still today it is not 100% reliable and there for a disease that we've known for barely a year, some laboratories give us results at more than 90%. No, but frankly, who can believe such a thing? »

The unbelievable relentlessness of Dr. Raoult, whom even the "order of doctors" is trying to drag through the mud and into court as the last of the charlatans, says much more about the degree of corruption evident in the highest health institutions of this country than about this good doctor. The latter had the weakness to want to respect his oath as a hypocrat, in the midst of all this ambient and generalised hypocrisy. Moreover, do you seriously think that the management of the prestigious Research Institute of Infectious Diseases of Marseille, the most advanced in its field in all France, would have been entrusted to the first charlatan who came along? It doesn't hold up for two seconds, like the catastrophic management of this whole crisis, with for France, deplorable results among the worst on the planet! 

And besides, how can we explain that miraculously the different Labs that have launched themselves into research and development manage to propose their vaccine solution almost all at the same time, when it is unheard of in terms of timing? 

Better still, in a surreal interview on the TF1 television news, the company director Thierry Breton gave us a biting admission: "The good news is that we have nevertheless made absolutely incredible progress and that for the very first time in the history of mankind, we have succeeded in setting up vaccines that work in 18 months!" In other words, if this statement is true, they would have launched the development of the so-called vaccines before they were needed... What miraculous precognition!

The state has announced that it has no intention of making the vaccine compulsory... because it implicitly acknowledges that there would still be some potential risks to this medical act and that it cannot therefore resolve to make it compulsory. It must therefore be understood that he thus cuts himself off from all responsibility, that he is no longer involved in the damage that he will inevitably cause... At the same time, it is a question of cutting off from all social life all those who refuse to do so, thus making this vaccination de facto compulsory in the most hypocritical and cynical way!

It goes without saying that Big Pharma's labs will not take into account any compensation in case of complications, under the false pretext that the health emergency did not allow them to carry out standardised classical studies and the usual control procedures... Basically, it is necessary to understand that this game of dupes, which is definitely not worth the candle, is in advance pipped: It is "heads" you lose, and "tails" they win!

And besides, if these vaccines are as beneficial and effective as they claim, then why are the laboratories trying to organise their total immunity beforehand, while playing Russian roulette with our immune system? If they don't take the slightest risk with their bank accounts, then why should we, on our side, take any risk with our health? In their scale of values, would our health be less important than their profits and dividends?

With this pseudo "vaccine", are we going to become GMOs on our hands and knees, or even lose control and ownership of our bodies? Will the latter be likely to become the property of a few outside players, like Monsanto, a veritable pirate of life, shamelessly monopolising, thanks to its iniquitous patents, the ownership of its genetically modified plants, which are nevertheless part of humanity's ancestral heritage? Or are we going to convert ourselves, with our bodies defending us, into a kind of receiving antennae, in order to be subjected against our will and without the slightest awareness of it, to external influences through 5G waves? Will we then always be the masters of our emotions, thoughts and actions? Is this a kind of updating of humanity or a new transhumanist delirium? 

IMPOSSIBLE : Pure "Conspiracy Theory" and ramblings emanating from shivering illuminated people, you will retort...

And yet, Bill Gates, who is very involved in this whole global vaccination campaign, is also very active in food and GMOs for the firm Monsanto. And this kind of perfectly unfair methods are already in place in this sector, which doesn't seem to greatly disturb his humanist conscience... From there to thinking that this kind of process could be extended to humans, it's only a step... In the same way, we started by fleecing cattle, before we came to the idea of fleecing men... Wasn't it our former President Nicolas Sarkozy, who said in one of his speeches that "man was not a commodity like any other". We can therefore understand that, in their eyes, man is indeed a commodity! Moreover, to be convinced of this, one only has to look at the extent to which man is increasingly treated as such in the modern world with, for example, the introduction of GPA, or LDC, or the possibility of killing newborn babies up to the ninth month, minus a few days of pregnancy, because of the psycho-social distress of the mother. And to make matters worse, it is now even possible, with the new law known as the Bioethics Act, which has absolutely nothing ethical or organic about it, to work on human "material" in order to experiment on the creation of human/animal chimeras...

Moreover, one only has to listen carefully to their own statements and to the writings of the elites of this world to understand that this is indeed the kind of ideological delirium and hubris that drives them deeply. From Jacques Attali, who praised the merits of human puçage, to Laurent Alexandre, to Ray Kurzweil, the boss of Google and champion of transhumanism, to Elon Musk, the boss of Tesla, who intends to implant the internet directly into our brains, to Klaus Schwab. Klaus Schwab proposes to merge our physical, digital and biological identity to enter the fourth industrial revolution!

Moreover, it is really not reassuring to realise that those who financed the research on the vaccine are Malthusian eugenists who explicitly advocate a control and limitation of the human population... It is interesting to pay attention to some of the ultra-cynical statements of some of the powerful of this world, such as the edifying statements of Prince Philip of Mountbatten, the Duke of Edinburgh, co-founder of the "World Wild Found", who confided that: "If I were reincarnated, I would like to be reincarnated as a deadly virus to help solve the problem of overpopulation. "Or again, those of Ted Turner, the great media magnate, founder of CNN and donor of a billion dollars to the United Nations, who said that "a total population of 250 to 300 million people, a 95% decrease from the current level, would be ideal. »

It must be understood that these ultra-rich people intend to maintain their lifestyle and continue to enjoy the planet's dwindling resources. This is reason to be more than suspicious. We have already seen the use in Africa of vaccines that made some women sterile after injection.

Bill Gates never hid his will and ambition to reduce the world's population, as he made clear at a "TEDX talk" conference in Monterey, California. For him, the only way to reduce carbon emissions and thus global warming would be to reduce the world's population. So he presented the following equation: CO2 would be equal to population, multiplied by the services needed per person, multiplied by energy per service, multiplied by the number of units of CO2 needed per service. He then said that if they did a really good job on vaccinations, health care services, and birth control, they could play on the population adjustment variable, in order to limit Carbon emissions. 

Moreover, it should be noted that it is these same laboratories, in a permanent conflict of interest, capable of corrupting even politicians at the highest levels, that provide the studies and guarantee the effectiveness of their own vaccines! These laboratories, so scrupulous, which like "Pfizer", have already been responsible and guilty of many crimes in the past, of misleading publicity about the vaccine, with resounding health scandals brought to court.

Moreover, how can one still have faith in scientific authorities, since the most prestigious peer-reviewed journals in the field, supposedly authoritative, such as the Lancet, have vividly demonstrated how corrupt they can be to the last degree! Let's not forget Pr. Philippe Even's warning about this industry: "The pharmaceutical industry is the most lucrative, the most cynical, the least ethical of all industries, of all fields combined. And it's happening in the field of health, it seems twice as serious to me! »

So, how can we still have full confidence in the health authorities and the pharmaceutical industry, which have already generated so many health scandals in the past by guaranteeing the results: from Remdesevir, through Tamiflu, Levothyrox, Distilbene, growth hormone, chlordecone, contaminated blood, Isomeride, Mediator, Viox, Diane 35, Thalidomide, or Cerivastatin...

In the same way, the government systematically claims to have supported and motivated all its decisions, even the most incoherent ones, on the basis of scientific advice. But is the latter really made up of people of integrity? One can reasonably doubt it, given the aberration of certain adopted measures...

As for the media, their integrity and neutrality can also be greatly questioned, with the trifle of €417,000,000 paid in funding by pharmaceutical companies to the entire press.

Moreover, by virtue of which we would be summoned to take the word of these criminals with dubious, even mafia-like practices, when we have already had a very similar historical precedent in its unfolding (and in a very disturbing way) with the unfortunate experience, the monumental fiasco of H1N1, where the vaccines that had already been sold to us as very safe led to numerous cases of narcolepsy, cataplexy, or Guillain-Barré syndromes, whose victims saw their lives turned upside down and had all the trouble in the world to be compensated even eleven years later. .. The link between these serious incurable and highly disabling diseases and the vaccination campaign was not established until two years after the fact.

As for the various vaccines against covid 19, no real studies have been communicated to the public to prove their safety. We were only allowed press releases from the laboratories, which gave us a word of assurance that they were more than 90 percent effective. However, according to the Nuremberg Code, which was drawn up after the war to put a definitive end to the crimes of Nazi experimentation, any medical act on the human person requires prior informed consent, i.e. knowing the true benefits and potential risks. A condition that is absolutely not fulfilled here, since there is absolutely no hindsight on the latter, with a total lack of evaluation in the long term .

Informed consent, which the labs are visibly happy to dispense with, by automatically appointing certain elderly people as volunteers in their retirement homes, such as poor Mauricette. To her great surprise, this brave 78-year-old lady was the very first French woman to extend her arm under the voyeuristic eye of the cameras for the purposes of this crude production. Clearly we are here in an abuse of power and trust over a weak person. To vomit!

For his part, the CEO of Pfizer, Albert Bourla, doesn't really seem in a hurry to get vaccinated with his own products, which in his great kindness of heart, he reserves for charity to the weakest members of society. The same type of arguments are taken to heart by our political class, which for the very first time would have some scruples about using tricks over the rest of the population. Laughable!

The height of madness in this world that has become more and more ubuesque, there is even talk of continuing the deprivation of liberty, the wearing of masks and social distancing, even after vaccination! But in this case, what would be the point of it and why impose it on us absolutely under the worst pressures, threats and constraints? Clearly, the aim of vaccination is not health-related but political: it is to achieve a normalisation of the wearing of digital identity by each citizen.

In the dream world of the elites, everything will soon be interconnected, whether humans, objects, machines or infrastructures, and everything will be able to be piloted and controlled in an efficient, rationalized and centralized manner, using the power of artificial intelligence . In this new society, it must be understood that nothing must escape the grip of the technological empire which must colonise and embrace all spaces, all objects, all beings. Hence the need to have deployed all these 5G antennas on the sly during the first confinement, in order to be able to circulate such astronomical quantities of information... Wouldn't this be a form of power and ultimate disproportion, of a demiurgic nature?


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