For the most observant, one can also notice the ostensible use of many signs and occult symbols relating to this pandemic in the communications of the major international mundialist organisations. All these signs, placed deliberately, in full view of all, in full light, cannot for me be the fruit of chance in terms of probabilities!

Of course, symbolism is something quite subjective, which can be reinterpreted and discussed. This is just my own analysis and understanding of it all ...

So, why was President Emmanuel Macron, this former managing partner of the Rothschild investment bank, who following some sort of indecent media coup, was elected with 66.06 percent of the votes against Marine Lepen, has endeavoured to subtly slip symbolic signs and esoteric numbers, such as the inescapable number 666, into his interventions, or to introduce his famous rule of 6s, namely, no more than 6s in restaurants, no more than 6s at the table, no more than 6s in the street. Similarly, in his initial speech about the pandemic, he repeated six times that we were at war, and it should be noted that the gematrix value of the word "War" gives precisely a value of 666! As for the lump-sum fines for not respecting the curfew, they are set at 135 euros, except if we add 135 plus its inverse which is 531, we come back once again to the number 666, and moreover with a penalty set at 6 months imprisonment in case of recidivism. As for the masks, they were imposed on children from the age of 6. Similarly, during his speech on 28 November, Macron spoke of relaxing the rules by allowing an outing at a distance of 20 km for 3 hours, which corresponds to a speed of 6.66 km per hour . It had to be done! As for the curfew time slot, it was set from 9pm to 6am, except that if you multiply 6 x 6 x 6, you get 216! Logical! While on his last holiday, he was proudly riding a jet ski with a TLI serial number 70666. In addition, to compensate the press for the financial losses related to the pandemic, the government has allocated an exceptional subsidy of 666 million euros to the press... 

But what is the symbolism behind the number 6? 

Well, if the number 7 is the perfect number of divine perfection, of total fulfilment, like the world that would have been created in 7 days, the number 6 is the number of imperfection, because 6 is 7 minus 1, and 1 represents God... 6 is therefore the categorical refusal of God, which is perfection. Repeated three times, it is a kind of superlative, 666 is therefore what is absolutely unfinished and therefore represents evil!

So why does he speak in a mystical spirit of a certain beast of the event, saying: "I believe that our generation must know that the beast of the event is here, and it is coming. "Why does the President, who usually spearheads the uncompromising respect for secularism (to such an extent that at Christmas time, in order not to deviate from this great Republican principle, he does not even present his wishes to his fellow citizens, deliberately ignoring France's Christian roots), introduce a totally mystical dimension of a spiritual, even biblical nature to the episode we are experiencing? He also confided that he has felt invested with a mission since he entered the political field, with a dimension of spirituality and the deep conviction that there is a transcendence, "something that surpasses us, that surpasses you, that has preceded you and that will remain! "Isn't this a subtle allusion to Satan himself, who was the very first to set foot on the earth? And in another scene, as he greeted the crowd on a balcony with Donald Trump as they met for the first time, Macron can be clearly seen doing a double "Cornuto" with both hands, which is a well-known satanic sign and has been widely popularized by Rock 'n' Roll. One will also recall the shocking statement that caused a scandal when Macron said that a train station was a place where "you meet people who have succeeded and others who have not. Is this not the very expression of the ideology of Satanism, which is the absolute cult of the ego with the permission to crush one's inferior in order to ensure full material success? Finally, in another very disturbing sequence, while he announces the need to establish a social and physical distancing, even within homes with "the wearing of the systematic mask when one is inside in the presence of another person, even a close relative, even a child or grandchild", and even if it is a heart-breaker, we see him sketching a subtle little grin of jubilation, as if he is content and on the verge of bursting out laughing...

And if you think that this interpretation based on numerology is a bit far-fetched, that the elites wouldn't play with numbers in this way, just think back to Christine Lagarde's surrealist speech of 2014. That day, the director of the European Central Bank launched into a totally enigmatic and esoteric speech around "the magic number 7", where she seems to announce, well before Klaus Schwab, the coming of the Grand Reset or the Great Reinitialisation of the world economy seven years later, in 2021!

To stay on the theme of 666, Microsoft has also filed a patent with the code name "WO/2020/060606", which can be broken down into "World Order", "2020" and "666". In this patent, it would be a question of implanting humans with a microchip that would be capable of tracing and analysing in real time the physical activity of its wearer! On top of that, the system would be coupled with a dematerialised electronic crypto-currency that would credit its wearer according to his efforts by permanently monitoring his activity in order to check that it complies with the tasks predetermined beforehand by his employer. In this way, absolute control of the individual is achieved. In other words, the formulation of a slave-like project, completely crazy and truly terrifying.

It is also particularly revealing that Bill Gates is very close to the artist Marina Abramovic, who specialises in extreme bodily performance and, incidentally, a notorious Satanist, perfectly assumed and claimed. Indeed, curiously, among all the artists available, Bill Gates had chosen Abramovic's highly controversial image to promote the launch of Hololens 2, his latest model of augmented reality headphones. It was a surreal and clumsy communication operation, which generated a wave of indignation and very hostile criticism on social networks. A devilishly bad idea, so much so that the promotional teaser for this revolutionary helmet entitled "The Life", disastrous for its brand image, was urgently withdrawn by microsoft . In the promotional YouTube video published on the Redmond firm's official account, Abramovic was enthusiastically and glowingly described as, and I quote: "The most legendary performance artist working today. "In the video, which aired on Good Friday, Marina says the project allows her to achieve a form of immortality.

We can therefore worry and legitimately ask ourselves whether Bill Gates is not affiliated with Satanism. A question which, if it is a matter of private and personal beliefs, is anything but secondary, given the exorbitant power of influence that this individual has with governments and international institutions, but also on our lives and our health...

It is also important to know that our beloved government has chosen to entrust our private health data to Microsoft! The most intimate health information of millions of French people will thus be hosted on the servers of the American Microsoft, to the detriment of OVH, a French company. A real scandal!

Moreover, it is also common knowledge that Bill Gates was dating the billionaire and paedocriminal Jefrey Epstein and that he made several trips to his famous "paedophile island" by taking the now infamous plane, the "Lolita Express". In other words, behind the scenes, the man's manners must be particularly unsavoury and highly depraved... This is in stark contrast to the very smooth image he seeks to give himself in the media with his wife Mélinda Gates.

Finally, to finish with the number 666, we can note one last mischievous wink from this world satanist oligarchy with the vaccine of Moderna which would contain luciferin dissolved with 66.6 ml of distilled phosphate!

To stay on the apocalyptic symbolism, we can evoke the case of UNICEF Norway, this NGO with a globalist spirit, which in an advertisement, communicated around the vaccine as if it were a fashion and luxury product, taking up all the codes of this universe and in passing the imagery of the scarlet woman, the great prostitute of the Apocalypse of Saint John, namely, "This woman who was clothed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold, precious stones and pearls. And she had a golden cup in her hand, full of abominations and the filthiness of her whoredom. "A very surprising advertisement, particularly incongruous and in bad taste, because the cup of abomination is here replaced by the Covid-19 vaccine...

But that's not all, on a poster entitled "Remaking the Post-COVID World" or reshaping the post-COVID world and announcing a conference by Richard Doode at the International Monetary Fund, we find a phoenix. In alchemy, this mythical flaming bird, which burns, consumes itself to rise from its ashes, is very important! It is a symbol of rebirth and immortality. And the passage from one world to another is indeed a process of alchemical nature, a transmutation from one given state to another... The phoenix can therefore represent the rebirth of its ashes from all over the world, as a New World Order, through a process of Ordo Ab Chaos, dissolution and recombination. This bird of very Luciferian essence, is here adorned on its wings with numerical figures, which represent the next electronic currency, the world's cryptomoney. The bird sprouts from an egg symbolised graphically by the virus! So it is indeed the virus that gives birth to it. The symbolism speaks for itself and suffers from no ambiguity ...

This phoenix refers directly to the one that could be seen on an old cover of "The Economist" (the economic cabbage leaf of the powerful Rothschild dynasty) dated 1988 and entitled "Get ready for the next world currency", where you can see the different paper currencies, the Dollar, the Yen and the Deutsche Mark burning, to go up in smoke and the same figure of the Phoenix reborn from this destruction to rise above and accompany the emergence of a new world currency called the Phoenix. The latter was then announced for 2018... The bird's head is surmounted by a Lily, symbolising its hegemony and absolute hold over the new world. Just think that this cover is now 32 years old and just about, here we are! It literally makes you dizzy...

Moreover, it is worth noting that on a gigantic mural fresco located in the Security Council Chamber of the UN in New York, a world-wide organisation if ever there was one, there is also the representation of a phoenix emerging from a world in ashes. This symbol is therefore obviously a must for our elites! It is also the symbol for the initiates of spiritual enlightenment, after death to the profane world.

It is also interesting to note that we find this phoenix as the emblem of the trilogy of dystopian films of the "Hunger Games", which depict a society close to the best of all worlds, where we find 12 categories of people producing goods for megalopolises where people are concentrated.

It should also be noted that exactly the same symbolism was used in the closing ceremony of the "London 2012 Olympic Games". Here too, emerging from the fire produced by petals representing the different nations of the world burning, a phoenix appears above a gigantic Olympic cauldron. Just after the appearance of the phoenix, a song by the group "Take That" was broadcast, with a rather symbolic title in line with the context: "Govern the world".

It was a particularly gloomy and disturbing ceremony, especially in painting no. 2 entitled "Pandemonium". The Pandemonium designates in literature the imaginary capital of Hell, where Satan invokes the council of demons to prepare the Apocalypse . Quite a programme! This word, which literally means "here, everything is demon", appeared in 1667, under the pen of the English poet John Milton in his "Paradise Lost", just after the devastating fire in London in 1666. In the film, the devil's partner, the devil himself, camped out by a dazzling Al Pacino, is the head of a famous law firm and his name is John Milton. In the film, the devil has a particularly interesting reply: "I have spent my life here, I have been stuck to the man ever since he was put here. I've nurtured every feeling that man has had the right inspiration to have. I tried to give him what he wanted, I never judged him. Why did I never judge him? Because I never rejected the man, in spite of all his imperfections. Because I love man! I am a humanist, perhaps even the last humanist. Who would dare to say otherwise, Kevin, when I say that the 20th century was entirely mine? My time has come! "We also find in this fantastic film, a very disturbing sequence, if we put it in perspective with the current pandemic and its exceptional confinement, which for the very first time in its history, has emptied the streets of New York... Indeed, in one scene we can see Kevin Lomax, the main protagonist of the plot, wandering through the totally deserted streets of New York, just before joining the devil who occupies the Trump Tower.

Returning to the Pandemonium part of the Olympic Games ceremony, it was a kind of macabre ballet directed by the British director Danny Boyle. There were also many symbolic elements related to a pandemic, with hospital beds in which sick children are treated, and even the representation of a giant virus form by aerial view from the top of the stadium! Right in the middle of this surrealist scene stood the particularly hideous and threatening figure of Lord Voldemort, the very antichristian and dark character from the Harry Potter saga written by J. K. Rowling. By the way, in this series of initiatory and highly symbolic books, we still find the Phoenix, with even one of the books entitled, "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix"... Icing on the occult cake, this sequence of the Olympic show was accompanied by the famous musical theme of "The Exorcist" by Mike Oldfield. In case you didn't know it, this is a classic horror movie, featuring a girl possessed by the devil. The whole thing forms a particularly unhealthy and disturbing picture. Strange artistic choices to illustrate the Olympic Games...

As for the surgical mask, as from a health point of view, it is a real aberration when worn by the general population. So, why its global imposition by our respective governments, if not to make us participate in a kind of occult ritual that would not say its name? A ritual that would then initiate us into the new world, without us even being fully aware of it! A ritual that would cut us off from our old way of life, to immerse us and keep us permanently in a new one, with new rules and norms. It is important to know that the mask is indeed an essential element inherent to occult rituals, as it symbolically accompanies a change of personality. Indeed, the mask hides the primary identity of its wearer, whose symbolic death it hastens, to create a new identity, that of the initiate. 

Wearing a mask is also a form of censorship, submission and dehumanisation of individuals, like a gag or a muzzle? Over the last few months, we have seen just how much censorship has fallen on all the divergent voices and alternative points of view to the official narrative. It is also a mark of submission and social control, which directly testifies to the tacit acceptance by its bearer of the new rules imposed arbitrarily, even if they do not hold water from a medical and legal point of view. Moreover, masks are totally dehumanising, they create a distance between individuals and cut us off from our body language, our emotions and our empathy with others.

with respect to others.

Let us also remember the surreal quote from New Age guru David Spangler, the director of the Planetary Initiative, a United Nations project: "No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she takes an oath to worship Satan. No one will enter the New Age without receiving a Luciferian initiation! »

Another very interesting feature is the annual cover of "The Economist", "the world in 2019", which is literally full of symbolism related to the pandemic. 

Thus, we find there a jumble of representations of the pandemic: 

A pangolin, an animal which, along with the bat, was held responsible for the spread of the virus to humans at the very beginning of the epidemic in China.

The "four horsemen of the apocalypse": threatening and macabre figures, they are synonymous with great tribulations, cataclysms and intervene in epidemics, sowing behind them chaos and desolation. One of the four horsemen is wearing a headdress like the Statue of Liberty and even seems to be wearing a surgical mask to protect him from pandemics. It is not insignificant to have had this mask, symbol of blind submission to authority on the Statue of Liberty, worn ... Is it necessary to understand that freedom is now an obsolete notion, relegated to the past? Beside him, we can observe another horseman, whose features strangely resemble those of Professor Didier Raoult, an internationally renowned microbiologist, who has caused a lot of ink to flow throughout this pandemic? He is wearing a crown on his head, which may be related to the coronavirus, the "Coronavirus".

As a central figure in the composition, stands a Virtuvian man. Famous kabbalistic figure of Leonardo da Vinci, here in a modernised version, he holds in his right hand a smartphone with a QR code, which may remind us of the authorisations to move during the confinement... On his left arm you can see a brown DNA tattoo. However, the vaccine that will be used to fight against COVID-19 will be precisely an RNA vaccine, capable of intervening at the level of human DNA, no doubt to alter it. This is undoubtedly a satire of modern man, which is simply mocked with malice by the Rothschilds. Indeed, if this figure traditionally represents the accomplished man, achieving the union between the matter represented by the square and the spirit represented by the circle, here this new man of Vitruvius 2.0, this "homo numericus", seems hopelessly anchored in materialism, cut off from all transcendence and divine connection. Indeed, he holds a mobile phone, a marijuana leaf, a baseball in his hands and sees his gaze blocked by what appears to be a virtual helmet... He is literally blinded and doesn't understand what is happening to him, entangled in his fake and insignificant world of entertainment. The eyes being the reflection of the soul, the soul is then definitively veiled.

There is also a reproduction of a self-portrait by the painter Artemisia Gentileschi, probably to play with the name "Artemesia". In fact, the latter, also known as mugwort, is a medicinal plant effective against malaria, just like chloroquine, and is therefore effective in the fight against coronavirus. This blanket then speaks of the evil, but also subtly of its remedy .

It must be said that at the time of its publication, there was no indication of such a chaotic and dark future.

But that's not all, to stay with the symbolism displayed on the covers of "The Economist" magazine, on the April 2020 issue appears a lambda citizen flanked by his medical mask who walks his dog on a leash during the pandemic and who is himself held on a leash and watched by an invisible hand that can be interpreted as the hidden hand of the elite? In short, he is now placed under the control and the boot of the powerful, like a good doggie to his master... On this same cover, it is also stated that "Everything is under control", the globalized world government, the liberties, and even the virus! Once again from these elites, what audacity and absolute cynicism!

But the most sinister and threatening cover of "The Economist" is undoubtedly the 2020 cover, "The Next Catastrophe, and how to survive it", literally the next catastrophe and how to survive it. It presents a scene of a truly apocalyptic nature, with a family sitting on a couch in their living room, each member of the family wearing a gas mask, except for the child who is just wearing a simple military helmet. Once again, this is undoubtedly a subtle mockery full of irony and sarcasm about modern man, who all too often cares more about his pet than about his own offspring... One can indeed observe that the cat, contrary to the child, is also equipped with a gas mask! In the paintings hung on the wall in the background, we can observe different catastrophes depicted, natural catastrophes with a meteorite fall, bacteriological, atomic with a nuclear bomb, ecological with global warming... And in the middle of all these scenes of desolation is represented a clock that seems to be the Apocalypse's clock, whose hands indicate midnight minus one...

And as for the latest cover, "The World in 2021", this time they have chosen to represent a casino machine, in which one can see the possibility of winning, as in the lottery, various catastrophes: a new virus, civil war in the USA, nuclear bomb, vaccination, devastating forest fires, economic crisis. More generally, this cover is a representation of the famous "Great Reset", because the lever to operate this slot machine is surmounted by the globe. We can also notice a masked man in the shape of a smiley face with his eyes closed and a helmet over his ears. It evokes the famous three monkeys, who see nothing, hear nothing and say nothing... Once again, it is a representation of the common man, of the lobotomized mass who doesn't understand what is happening to him and who is easily manipulated. We can also see a vaccine, but it is green, which does not evoke health, but rather disease... Finally, on the underside of the slot machine, one can also see rays that evoke a sunrise, and thus the emergence of the new world.

It's clear that the elites are playing with our lives in their great casino of chaos. Place your bets, but don't dream too much, the chances of winning in the casino remain very low...

In fact, if you look closely, these pseudo-elites behave like narcissistic perverts, who take a malicious pleasure in playing with their victims... You have to admit that you have to be pretty vicious and twisted to play such little games, to count for the coming year on a possible chaos, destruction and famine decimating the people and to represent it most naturally on a glossy magazine cover. This is truly icy!


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