Why didn't you take all the necessary measures from the very beginning of this crisis to stem the epidemic at its roots, when there was all the hindsight needed to do so, as the virus arrived in our hemisphere well after China! 

So why not urgently close the borders. Why did we move infected patients to other regions, where no one else was infected, even though private clinics were available to care for them? Why even have authorised, despite the common sense of sports gatherings with a France/Italy football match bringing together more than 60,000 spectators, when Italy was already immersed in an acute health crisis, being at that time the main active European focus and therefore a high-risk vector for the spread of the pandemic? Or again, why have you maintained, against all odds, elections that could have been postponed? Would the Republican vote take precedence over the health of the French?

Was this in fact an unavowable strategy to deliberately let the situation rot and generate new outbreaks of contamination?

At that time, at the very beginning of the pandemic, there was almost no equipment available: no masks, gels, respirators, or even screening tests. In the emergency, caregivers even had to improvise protective suits based on rubbish bags? A shame for a supposedly developed country!

On the other hand, why, just after the first wave, not have increased the number of beds available, when listening to them, they were all expecting the arrival of a second wave. However, according to many specialists, such a scenario was most unlikely, if not totally new in terms of virology... 

So, how could they, months in advance, anticipate the behaviour of an unknown virus, confidently talk about second and third waves, or even anticipate up to six waves for Neil Ferguson of "Imperial College of London", on the strength of his hazardous mathematical modelling? What is this miraculous science, which allows us to project ourselves in time, like an omniscient god or an oracle, to make such projections? It should be noted that this Ferguson, who is responsible for our confinement, has been flavoured with 79,000,000 dollars by Bill Gates to carry out his reports. You know, the billionaire who intends to vaccinate the 8 billion people that make up the world's population?

Containment was imposed on the pretext of not overloading the covid units ... Wouldn't it have been much wiser and cheaper to finance these few extra beds, rather than paralysing the entire economy of the country, by imposing a confinement that was disastrous from all points of view, by massacring education and killing small traders and entrepreneurs bit by bit?

In this regard, Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, in his book "Covid-19, the Great Reinitialisation", asserts with aplomb that: "No industry or business will be spared. ", but also that "Up to 75 percent of independent restaurant owners may not survive lock-outs and social distancing measures. "This is deliberate carnage.

Why not simply requisition all these clinics, with 115,000 beds available! Indeed, in times of war, if there is a war, as the puppet who serves us as President has never ceased to shout in a martial tone six times: We Requisition! Also, why not have concentrated all the efforts on those most exposed to the virus in society, that is to say, the weakest and the oldest, instead of scuttling the whole country in a suicidal or even methodical way?

Instead, what has been observed is the total abandonment of care for the elderly, if not to euthanise them altogether, by means of GIR rapid intervention brigades, with a great deal of protocol from Rivotril and without even informing the families beforehand! These poor souls were thus left, left to themselves, locked up, cloistered in their rooms. They were totally isolated from their loved ones to leave this world. The families just had the privilege of recovering their last belongings in garbage bags as a farewell. Great class in the land of humanism and human rights! What a beautiful tribute to end a life of hard work...

As for containment, one can seriously doubt its efficiency since countries that have not confined like Sweden have nevertheless had excellent results by betting everything on collective immunity... 

Moreover, a recent study published in the major scientific journal Nature shows that confinement has no real impact on the evolution of the virus... Moreover, how many pathologies have not been diagnosed and treated during this time? For cancer alone, the death toll is estimated at 6,000 additional deaths... But then, after all, it must not matter so much, since they didn't die from Covid-19... Well, yes, but in a collateral way!

Moreover, what to think of PCR tests, so reliable with very numerous false positives. For example, the President of Tanzania, who was suspicious, had animals and fruits tested in the laboratory, under the cover of false human identities. A goat, a papaya and other unlikely examples had come back positive!

But the most extravagant thing about these PCR tests is still the fact that their sensitivity has been considerably amplified, making them much more easily positive. In France, they go up to 50 cycles. All the specialists agree that at 60 cycles, everyone would have the Coronavirus! They are so sensitive that they detect inactive virus particles! According to many virologists, it would be impossible to detect live virus beyond 33 cycles. Up to 90% of positive tests that required 40 amplification cycles would not have been designated positive if the amplification limit had been 30 cycles. In other words, if you break the thermometer, you can no longer measure the temperature accurately ...

Moreover, it is hard to understand why one has to inflict such torture to be tested, with swabs that are inserted so deeply close to the brain to collect a few samples for analysis, when the slightest spit would have the potential to contaminate half the village. Shouldn't a simple saliva test do the trick ?

The much-anticipated second wave is essentially based on these false positives and the liberticidal sanitary measures as well.

And what can we say about all these deaths wrongly attributed to Covid-19, when they were suffering from a completely different pathology? 

Have the figures for this dreadful virus not been scandalously and artificially inflated? What happened to the other pathologies such as seasonal flu, which miraculously disappeared this year with only 72 cases recorded last year, whereas as a general rule, there are thousands of them? Isn't the "pandemic" that has hit us above all a media pandemic, an intensive fear campaign, orchestrated and relayed permanently by the continuous news channels? How is it that the criteria for defining a pandemic have been relaxed by the World Health Organisation? Moreover, a study by researchers in Oslo shows that in reality there is not even any observable excess mortality following Covid-19, which is in stark contrast to the prevailing discourse of fear. Can we therefore still reasonably speak of a pandemic?

On the other hand, if the surgical mask is so effective, then why have imposed the closure of so many shops, establishments and restaurants for months? On the other hand, if the mask is not effective (as in reality everything leads us to believe, with recent scientific studies to support it, with a Danish population study of 6024 people), then why have you imposed it on everyone, up to six-year-olds? 

Isn't the latter case pure abuse and deep trauma, with disastrous psychological effects in the long term for these young generations? What will their relationship to life and to others be in the years to come? 

Yet at the beginning of the epidemic, all the government's interlocutors were unanimous on the issue, starting with the inarguable Sibeth Ndiaye. They had then chanted in their hearts that it was completely useless, and even harmful, to wear this mask in the general population.

Since the government has always claimed to rely on the decisions of a scientific council, how can such 180-degree reversals in official discourse be explained?

By the way, for those who can read, it is even written in full letters by the manufacturers on their mask boxes that they do not protect against viral attacks!

Firstly, why did we introduce a formal ban on the distribution of these masks in pharmacies, before making them compulsory, on pain of heavy financial penalties!

If we are to believe the testimony of certain entrepreneurs, the state would even have organised the shortage itself! The latter were then prevented from importing these masks directly from China via their supply channels! In the meantime, the mask has paradoxically become the cornerstone for fighting the spread of the disease! Who are we laughing at?

In fact, isn't this incomprehensible desire to impose this damn mask an unavowable will to weaken our immune systems, rather than protect them? 

On closer inspection, it looks as if this government has deliberately done everything possible to cut us off from all the resources we need to keep us in shape. For example, by closing down gyms, or by depriving us of sunlight and therefore vitamin D, which is essential!

Furthermore, it will be noted that the course of this pandemic is reminiscent of the torture techniques developed on an individual scale on prisoners in detention camps such as Guantanamo, with the psychological torture manual "Kubark", but which this time would be applied on a large scale, that of societies.

Thus, we find in it a jumble of :

"Sensory deprivation", with the compulsory wearing of the mask

"The development of a feeling of insecurity and permanent stress", with the incessant and daily media hammering of the number of deaths by the chief undertaker, Jérôme Salomon. What better way to make people sick than to talk to them about illness all day long, especially for the most sensitive and hypochondriacs?

"Isolation", with confinement, barrier gestures and the distancing of loved ones

"The harassment of fellow citizens", with absurd measures, on pain of receiving exorbitant fines, the continuous wearing of masks. Everything is done to make daily life difficult.

"Disorientation and "loss of reference points", with official discourse that changes constantly and in a contradictory manner, variable geometry measures, even perfectly incoherent.

It thus seems to be the implementation of what the political scientist Naomi Klein described in her essay on the rise of disaster capitalism as the "Strategy of Shock". It's an utterly Machiavellian strategy, which takes advantage of the general state of astonishment to force through, without any reaction, measures that are absolutely unacceptable from an ethical and democratic point of view and that would normally be rejected forcefully and vehemently.

And what about the statement by Belgian Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke, who confided that : 

"Shopping was not really risky when everything was well controlled. At some point you needed to make a shock decision, you needed an electroshock and that meant closing down non-essential shops immediately. »

What we have collectively gone through in recent months, therefore, resembles a gigantic experiment in social control and subjugation of the population, like the famous "Milgram Experiment". We must blindly obey the most aberrant decisions, in the name of respect for the higher authority, because it is this authority that would hold the scientific expertise, the skills and the knowledge, despite the conflicts of interest that jump out at us. But what is the value of competence if it is corrupt and no longer in the interest of the common good? 

A submission that has culminated to the point of absurdity, with the ubuesque and deeply humiliating necessity to have oneself sign an exit permit waiver during the confinement phases! We thus became the guards of our own prison, what a twisted idea and what a perversion! You would think that they are also assessing the degree of numbness and zombification of the general population, before moving up a gear...

Wouldn't the real aim of this whole enterprise be the terminal uberization of society, to suffocate and slowly kill, but definitively all the independents, in order to concentrate all the wealth in the hands of the big multinationals, who will then, in the near future, have control over everything! To be convinced of this, it is enough to see to what extent this operation has been a real blessing for the giants of the GAFAM who have seen their turnover and their shares take off in a vertiginous way thanks to this crisis, while the small entrepreneurs, victims of cascading bankruptcies, are literally beginning to commit suicide out of despair... We can therefore observe very clearly an increasing concentration of power and money in fewer and fewer hands, the pure and simple disappearance of the middle classes and the emergence of a hyper-rich class.

Moreover, we can observe this same process of concentration with the development of the smartcities, these ultra-connected megalopolises, and at the same time, the depopulation of the countryside, which are gradually losing their services and becoming administrative deserts. It must be understood that, in general, anything that allows a certain autonomy and independence from the system must be fought and eliminated. 

In fact, we have to admit that it is rather as if these "good leaders" were waging a total war on us, if they were doing everything possible to weaken us on all levels: physiological, emotional, psychological, and soon economic!

And then, are not all these measures, which are imposed on us and which make our daily life hellish, without any real justified health reasons, also a war of nerves and usury, a vast enterprise of demoralisation intended to make us accept the unacceptable, even to the point of begging for a vaccination which is presented as the end of the ordeal, the end of the tunnel, the Holy Grail allowing us to regain our confiscated and stolen former life. Moreover, the decidedly unavoidable Klaus Schwab had announced this at the beginning of the pandemic when the virus was only a few weeks old: "A complete return to 'normal' cannot be envisaged before a vaccine is available. »


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