Why is it that such a profusion of means can be observed worldwide for a virus that, all in all, kills little more than a seasonal flu. The latter would in fact kill no more than 0.05 percent of infected people and in the vast majority of elderly people with a median age of 84 years, whereas life expectancy is 82 years? This is unheard of in all human history? 

Does this deserve a complete change of civilisation, a complete overhaul of our lifestyles, our social relations and interactions? In short, to lose forever what is the very essence of life and our humanity? A "Grand Reset", as the leaders of the "World Economic Forum" like to call it?

Why have we never set up the slightest popular consultation for the management of this entire crisis that engages and impacts deeply on all our lives? Isn't this radical choice for a new society, or even civilization, above all a civic choice, which should be made by the people and not by a clique of mundialist technocrats elected by no one?

Moreover, how is it that the health of billions of people on this planet is the sole will of a handful of powerful megalomaniacs and in particular of a certain Bill Gates, this fearsome and unscrupulous computer scientist and businessman, this false philanthropist who has absolutely nothing to do with the medical and care field? Ironically, before taking a very close interest in our health, he was a specialist in viruses, but computer viruses!

Why deploy such a debauchery of means of coercion, repression and surveillance, for a matter that would fall within the domain of public health? Thus, in the middle of a pandemic, we will be surprised to paradoxically come across more police patrols or drones than ambulances!

Another detestable totalitarian drift of this new perfectly unliveable and infernal world: we also maintain the division in the population, we encourage denunciation, as during one of the darkest and most disastrous times of our history. Thus, for example, some municipalities have seen fit to set up, with local actors and associations, so-called citizen patrols to watch over the New Year's Eve party and make sure, in good capos of the health brigade, that the government's instructions are respected to the letter? This is furiously reminiscent of the experiment in social psychology that was conducted in Stanford prison, where a whole group of individuals were given authority over another group, with the power to monitor and punish the latter... Some of them, strengthened by this new authority that was conferred on them, then lent themselves very well to the game, acting as zealous relays of power. 

From now on, everyone watches everyone else, and everyone is suspicious of everyone else! Or the setting up of a delirious, paranoid and Kafkaesque society.

Moreover, since the beginning of this pandemic, there has been no counting the abuses of power and gratuitous violence on the part of the forces of law and order, or even simple shop inspectors. We have thus witnessed disbelievingly surreal scenes, such as: an old lady suffering from Alzheimer's disease, who was fined for having misinformed the time on her discharge form; a doctor in urgent intervention fined for not respecting the curfew; a father who was disembarked with his family from an SNCF train, before seeing himself violently pinned to the ground in front of his little girl in tears for simply wearing a mask considered too loose. Among our Hispanic neighbours, we even saw a lady being literally tasered in the street and screaming to death for not wearing a mask! In Australia, we have also seen a security agent of a Melbourne hotel seize a teenager without a mask before literally grabbing his throat to suffocate him until he was unconscious and dragging him on the floor, like a vulgar rag doll, totally inert... In Belgium, where the measures for New Year's Eve were drastic, we saw, following a denunciation from the neighbourhood, a squad of policemen disembark manu militari at the home of a private individual who had had the misfortune of inviting too many guests, ignoring the official injunctions on containment measures. After a very tense and filmed exchange, the owner of the premises, a woman of a certain age, literally saw herself dragged into an outburst of unheard-of violence, ending up being beaten on the ground by a freewheeling policeman, even though her face was swollen from the blows! Unimaginable! I could go on and on. Such abuses, which seem to multiply with impunity, are nothing short of disturbing.

We can also legitimately worry about seeing the state interfering more and more in our private life, at the very heart of our intimacy, to manifest its desire for surveillance, regulation and control, for example on New Year's Eve, where he advises not to be more than 6 at the table, especially not to sing during the meal and not to share his Christmas log with Grandpa and Grandma who, in order not to expose them, should remain confined to the kitchen, as suggested by the paediatric nephrologist Rémi Salomon! 

What is the next step in this furious madness, these unbearable interferences: forbid ourselves to speak too loudly or at all so as not to risk spreading virus micro-particles in the ambient air? Or prohibit us from pronouncing certain consonants and other sounds that would be likely to expel more droplets of saliva into the atmosphere? Would the spit become a terrorist act? Should we ban certain words from the dictionary that are too high risk factor? Better still, to cut short any potential risk of propagation, will the state, in the near future, impose a brain implant allowing us to communicate telepathically with our interlocutors? Or are we going to find ourselves forbidden to make love in a conventional way, except of course in "Gloryhole" mode, with a mandatory Plexiglas plate as a protective screen? Furthermore, would certain sexual positions such as sodomy be preferable, as they do not involve face-to-face contact with one's partner? Where can we find the official government list of authorised positions in the Coronasutra?

One thing is sure, with this health crisis we are witnessing a demonstration of omnipotence on the part of the state and a particularly unhealthy mixture of total infantilisation of its citizens, mixed with guilt and repression at every moment... As the geneticist Alexandra Henrion-Caude aptly puts it, in an extraordinary reversal, we are all presumed sick and contagious, we have automatically lost our right to be presumed healthy. A bit as if in court, the presumption of innocence was definitively banished and we would automatically be considered as potential criminals? What kind of society can still function on such a premise?

And then, what is the meaning of this new existence that is now being sought to impose on us? Doesn't living life to the full mean facing the unexpected, the insecurity of accidents, illness and even, in the last instance, death? Doesn't living imply letting go of what we will never be able to control? Isn't the greatest lesson in philosophy that life can offer us is to learn to die? Isn't the supreme wisdom to integrate death as an integral part of the complex equation of life?

How can we resign ourselves to no longer living because of the risk of dying? As the singer Jacques Higelin would say: "Those who are afraid to die are often afraid to live. They breathe cautiously while waiting for the end. »

What exactly is the meaning of a life cut off from everything that makes it valuable, unique and authentic, namely: emotions, laughter and smiles, carefree, love, sharing, encounters, escape, discoveries, leisure? From now on, we are plunged into a programme of death, led by these psychopathic elites, supposedly philanthropists, in an ultra-controlled, artificial, aseptic and dehumanised society. In this universe, the only human activity that still seems to be tolerated is work.

In the future, in this new digital dictatorship, are we going to be forced to live our lives vicariously, as if we were already dead? Will we be forced to communicate with our loved ones exclusively on social networks via screens, to travel or play sports via virtual headphones, to go to the cinema in our living room, or watch Netflix series, to shop online on Amazon?

On the other hand, for months now, we have seen freedom of expression being completely flouted on many subjects. This is the first big victim of this virus! Why censor all the dissident voices that are rising up around the world to denounce the many dysfunctions in the management of this health crisis and especially on social networks and platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, under the pretext of fighting against "Fake News". Is this really the role of these social platforms, which should be limited to ensuring complete neutrality and simply serve as a channel for the information they convey? In reality, we can only make the sad observation that social network algorithms and "fact-checkers" have become instruments of censorship and propaganda, much more than independent guarantors of the truth. They serve as an alibi for massive and widespread censorship. Facebook, for example, allows itself to censor any critical stance on vaccination.

And let's not talk about some doctors who were simply fired by the management of their hospital in the middle of a pandemic crisis. This was the case for the Belgian anaesthetist-animator Pascal Sacré, who, having publicly denounced the calamitous management of the health crisis and noted numerous malfunctions, saw himself dismissed overnight, like a dirty man from an establishment where he had been working without any problem for 9 years.

Worse in some cases, we even saw doctors like Professor Jean Bernard Fourtillan, an expert in pharmacology and toxicology, being arbitrarily arrested and interned in a psychiatric hospital. This professor intervened in the documentary accused of plotting "Hold-Up", which was censored from all broadcast platforms. In this film, Fourtillan directly questioned the involvement of the pharmaceutical laboratory Pasteur in the creation of the virus, which he believed to be an artificial creation, a fact which coincides with the declarations of Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagné. Moreover, this hypothesis is far from being totally absurd, because obviously, this virus with its new and extraordinary properties seems very unnatural. Indeed, unlike other viruses, it does not seem to have seasonality, so that it can be found all year round, in summer and winter... The doctor thus saw the forces of law and order disembark at his home, seize all his computers, then he was summoned before a judge before being interned against his will in a psychiatric hospital! Methods worthy of the Stasi political police in the era of the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in the GDR, where opponents of the regime were locked up in specialised establishments to muzzle them.

Even more worrying is the increasing talk of placing Covid-positive cases in internment camps, even though the tests are unreliable. Indeed, it has been evoked on the LCI channel, the hypothesis of separating members of their own family, or even children from their parents ! We are walking on our heads, pure delirium...

In reality, in official speeches, there is very little talk of treatment and healing. On the other hand, we can very clearly observe a total drift in security with an executive in freewheel, which grants itself full powers in favour of the health emergency.

Jacques Attali, the kingmaker who has been whispering in the ears of Presidents for decades, a veritable eminence grise lurking in the corridors of power, also speaks to us of a "permanent state of emergency", in the name of the precautionary principle. But, what then is the difference with a dictatorial regime if a regime of exception becomes the norm? And why is the same precautionary principle that is being invoked here no longer valid when it comes to vaccines, which will nevertheless directly impact our health and threaten our physical integrity?

In this liberticidal dynamic, the government has also adopted a scandalous law known as the Global Security Law, which prevents the filming of police officers in the exercise of their duties when they intervene in the public space! In other words, this will ensure them the greatest impunity for their future repressive actions... It will be noticed that while this opacity is being established for the power and its small executing hands, at the same time, more and more transparency is being demanded for the ordinary citizen who finds himself being spied on, traced, filmed, listened to all the time...

Parallel to this iniquitous new law, at the beginning of December, the government discreetly authorises the recording of political opinions, or membership of trade union organisations, through intelligence with published decrees widening the scope of action of three files to which certain intelligence services and the forces of law and order have access. Individuals considered dangerous to "public security" may now be listed in three files. Political, philosophical and religious opinions, behaviour and lifestyle, travel, sports or social network activities, etc. may now be recorded in these files. 

And when, during an interview, it is pointed out to our unloved wren, this sad sire of Macron, this tyrant in power of Jupiter, that he has entered full foot into a totalitarian drift and that he is gradually transforming the country into a dictatorship, he shrugs his shoulders with disdain and contempt, before wiping the dust from his jacket, like water sliding down the duck's back... Making it clear that he didn't give a damn about the country, he retorts with the vulgarity that characterizes him: "I'm down there lec... ", implying, I'm going down with my balls...

Moreover, why, with a few exceptions, is there such uniformity throughout the world in the management of this health crisis, the same inconsistencies that keep recurring, the same lies, the same manipulations, the same methods as if all countries obeyed the same strategy and an overall plan?

In fact, everything points to an immense danger threatening not only our health, but also our most fundamental and inalienable freedoms, as there is increasing talk of introducing a vaccination passport? A totalitarian tool if ever there was one, and a real sesame that would allow us to continue to live more or less normally in this new aseptic, ultra-standardised and supervised society. Access to schools, transport, shops and jobs would then depend on this subcutaneous vaccination record. What an odious blackmail this is! How can one dare to talk about democracy, with the establishment of such a two-speed society, relegating certain individuals to the status of sub-citizens, pariahs, whose only fault, the greatest crime, unforgivable, would be to have wanted to remain above all authentic and incorruptible human beings. The latter, who will have refused this type of progress by forced march, will be the chimpanzees of the future, the last link in evolution, of sub-humans, in the face of increased superhumans. It must be understood that in the world that they aspire to see born, this new golden age, there will be no more room for humans, everything will be robotised and automated, hardworking workers having become superfluous. A world divided between the Gods and the useless, the substitutable beings, dixit the detestable French pope of transhumanism Laurent Alexandre.

All this is furiously reminiscent of many dystopian novels of anticipation such as "1984" by George Orwell, or "The Best of Worlds" by Aldous Huxley, or even the prophetic and biblical text of the "Apocalypse" of Saint John, with its famous "mark of the beast" without the imposition of which "no one could buy or sell any more". And all the more so as the luminescent enzyme of the vaccine Moderna, a fluorescent dye with quantum dots, which would indicate or not the presence of the vaccination as a rule, is called "Luciferase"! These are tiny semiconductor crystals that reflect light and glow in the infrared.

In this connection, let us recall the astonishing warning of the occultist Rudolf Steiner: "In the future, we will eliminate the soul with medicine. Under the pretext of a 'health point of view', there will be a vaccine by which the human body will be treated as soon as possible directly at birth, so that the human being will not be able to develop the thought of the existence of soul and spirit. (...) Once the etheric body is detached, the relationship between the universe and the etheric body would become extremely unstable, and man would become an automaton, for the physical body of man must be connected on this Earth by the spiritual will. »

In any case, what a marvellous tool for enslavement is a pandemic that allows a tyranny to be imposed under the guise of working humanely for the health of one's neighbour... Klaus Schwab said: "Containing the coronavirus pandemic will require a global surveillance network. "What is particularly perverse is that, thanks to the untouchable totem pole of health, those who oppose this totalitarian drift are blamed, accused of plotting, irresponsible egoism, or even public danger. This is simply Machiavellian! About Machiavelli, he used to say in his time: "He who controls the fear of people becomes the master of their souls! "Isn't this precisely what we are witnessing: a society that is losing its entire soul because fear has won hearts and poisoned minds for a long time?

And this drift is unlikely to stop, because Macron announced in an interview about the upcoming presidential elections: "Maybe I won't be able to be a candidate. Maybe I'll have to do things in the last year, in the last few months, that are hard because circumstances will demand it and that will make it impossible for me to be a candidate. "This is most worrying and full of innuendo, and yet it makes no sense, given that the vaccine presented as the miracle solution is about to arrive.... Could these very harsh and unpopular decisions be the separation of children from their parents, which has been mentioned by the World Health Organization, or by the Queen of England in one of her speeches? Jacques Attali, for his part, does not mince his words when he declared on 11 April 2020 on France 24: "In all countries, it will be necessary to isolate the infected person from his own family. »

The renowned German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, who in the past had distinguished himself in particular by attacking Volkswagen, but also the Deutschbank for their fraud and corruption, does not hesitate to evoke about all this Pandemic, the possibility of a crime against humanity of great magnitude ... He speaks of the "Corona Scandal" to describe this health crisis and what would constitute no more and no less than the biggest tort case of all time! In particular, he calls into question the dubious reliability of the Drosten PCR tests, on which all the health measures and the resulting deprivation of liberty, measures of confinement, social distancing and compulsory wearing of masks are justified and yet based. All of this leads to collateral damage and immeasurable harm to people all over the world, with cascading bankruptcies, human dramas, trauma and an unprecedented setback to public freedoms.

To conclude this section on the totalitarian drift, let us never forget that a freedom that is "temporarily" suspended is often lost forever, and that provisional measures are never slow to impose themselves on everyone as the new norm. Finally, let us remember Benjamin Franklin's apt warning: "A people willing to sacrifice a little freedom for a little security deserves neither, and ends up losing both. » 

People of the world, it is therefore high time to open our eyes, to resist and to stand up to finally take back in our hands the keys of our collective destiny and to say definitively no to all these madnesses and deadly projects...


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